Exchange Puzzles Photos

Color photos of each exchange puzzle are available via hyperlinks in the table below.  Click on any thumbnail image to view a full-size photo. 

Gary Foshee created a fabulous puzzle in the image of a San Francisco Cable Car. I used this puzzle as the theme for the Souvenir Booklet cover.

The IPP17 Souvenir Booklet is printed using high-quality black and white images.  Unfortunately, the process required to mass-produce a color version of the booklet is prohibitive.  Thus, a color version is not available.

However, there is a way for you to "upgrade" your current booklet to color.  To do this, you must be able to download a Microsoft Word 97 file and print it using a color printer.  The printed images will fit exactly over the corresponding images in the Souvenir Booklet.  I recommend printing using a heavy paper stock, and affixing them to the pages using archival quality glue (I've been advised that double-sided adhesive tape could deteriorate over time and cause damage to whatever it is touching).

Click for the desired file format: MS Word 97 (1.8Mb).

Note: the color images available below will not print with the correct size (due to limitations in all web browsers), and thus are not suitable for using with the Souvenir Booklet. 
Note: as with the original book, many of these photos are solution spoiler; tread with caution.

Tyler Barrett


Les Barton

Square Check

Ray Bathke

Glass Nails

Nick Baxter

Fancy This!

Joe Becker

Pizza Puzzl

Allan Boardman


Saul Bobroff

Teeth and Nail

Nanco Bordewijk

Secret Tea Box

Lambert Bright


David Bruce

2nd Stellation

Harold Cataquet

The Lambada Cube

Frank Chambers


Jean-Claude Constantin

4 Toast Puzzle

Bill Cutler

JA6PB (Just Another 6-Piece Burr)

Robert Darling

Weighty Problem

Jan de Ruiter

Nutty Knot, Never Knot

Luc De Smet


Frans de Vreugd

Soma Tube 2-2-2

Oskar van Deventer


Larry Diamond

The Staff

Doug Engel

Sun God Puzzle

John Ergatoudis

Peppermint Twist

Sivy Farhi

Nine Color Puzzle

Jerry Farrell


Bob Finn


Gary Foshee

Gary's Escape

Mike Foydel

Magical Wunder

Abel Garcia

Rhombic Crystal

Theo Geerinck

Star Octagon

Marcel Gillen


Carlo Gitt

A Century of Solutions

Serhiy Grabarchuk


Mike Green

Log Stacker

Frank Gregory

Pyramid Scheme, Keyring Companion and Slingshot

Sjaak Griffioen


Rik van Grol

Holey Plates

Peter Hajek

Sortospherical Puzzle

Mike Hatalski

Box 2

Jacques Haubrich

Good Luck

Richard Hess

Modest Hexominoes

Marti Hitchcock

PyrEyeMid Puzzle

Robert Holbrook

10 Ball Pyramid

Walt Hoppe

Pressed for Time

Edward Hordern

The 'so you think you've seen it before' BURR

Stan Isaacs

Brain Chain

Kate Jones

A Polyiamond Puzzler

Anatoli T. Kalinin

The Spiral

Toshi (Junk) Kato

Wolf's Z-pentacube

Yoshiyuki Kotani

Yamanaka's Secret Boxes

Don Kucera

The Creature

Rodolfo Kurchan

Inflated Hexomino

Adolf Ledesma

M's Trap in Recycled Scrap

Yee Dian Lee

Hooked on the Cube

Wallace Lee

Free Houdini

Tom Lensch

Boxed Burr

Matti Linkola

Interlocking Packing Puzzle

Ray Mead

Ausie Puzzler

Scot Morris

The E Puzzle

Simon Nightingale

The Clive Cube

Harold Raizer

Southons Capital T

Bill Ritchie

Puzzling The World

Tom Rodgers

Stew's Scrap Pile

Allen Rolfs


Kunio Saeki

Topolorigamic Card Case

Norman Sandfield


Robert Sandfield

Bolted Dovetail

Bernhard Schweitzer

Elephant in a Square

Alan Segal

Treasure in Wood

Les Shader


Jerry Slocum

Three Bunnies

Michael Snyder

Medallion Maze

Will Strijbos

Plate Box Puzzle


Little Misfit

Howard Swift


Naoaki Takashima

Adam & Eve

Richard Thiessen

Trefoil Knot

Eldon Vaughn

The Enigma

Bernhard Wiezorke

Blossom Puzzle

Junichi Yananose

6 Board Burr (No.1)

Nob Yoshigahara

Nobbmann #2

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