Puzzle Auction

David Bruce Puzzle Collection

October 12 - November 1, 1999

Click here to see my 2001 auction, featuring the Wayne Brooke Collection.

The next auction is Winter 2006.

Lot Summary Page

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Final Auction Catalog
(includes new Part 16 - eBay auction items)

Part 1 Akio Kamei k1-12
Part 2 Stewart Coffin s1-33
Part 3 Philippe Dubois/Gaby Games d1-27
Part 4 Bill Cutler/Jerry McFarland cm1-17
Part 5 Misc Limited Collectibles -
Berrocal, Daniel, Eng, Gillen, Irby, etc.
Part 6 Japanese
Toyo Glass, Hikimi, CAST, Kumiki, Yosegi
Part 7 Entanglement Puzzles e1-14
Part 8 Arjeu a1-8
Part 9 Miscellaneous Wooden Puzzles w1-33
Part 10 Burrs b1-36
Part 11 Miscellaneous non-Wooden Puzzles n1-40
Part 12 Puzzling Objects np1-14
Part 13 IPP Collections p1-6
Part 14 Games g1-4
Part 15 Books bk1-69
Part 16 Simultaneous Auction at eBay  

Auction Rules

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